Kudosworld group is an international group companySubsidiary company Kudosworld Industrial Transmission Solutions GmbH (Germany) is responsible for technology development, product optimization and upgrading.KOOWADE PTE. LTD. (Singapore) is responsible for the group's financial operations and capital investment projects. Shenyang Kudosworld Technology Co., Ltd (China), Kudosowrld Transmission Co., Ltd (Vietnam) and other companies are in charge of expandding the market share of domestic and surrounding countries.Ourmain productsTorque limiting & variable speed fluid couplings, speed increasing gear variable speed fluid coupling, various couplings such as gear coupling, grid coupling, disc coupling and universal joints, industrial variable-frequency drives, brakes, valves, etc.In the past a dozen years, Kudosworld has had independent brands and complete product lines, rapidly covering the ··· More +


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