Leting Jiahua coking plant project of HBIS

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Project Details:

Contract signed in 2020

Hydrodynamic Coupling:(34 sets

HR-MBW 450——Motor power:45/55/75KW Motor speed:1500

HR-MBW 500——Motor power:90/132KW Motor speed:1500

HR-MBW 560——Motor power:160KW Motor speed:1500

Grid coupling:(34sets)

SH100——Motor power:7.5KW Motor speed:1500

SH110——Motor power:15KW Motor speed:1500电机转速:1500

SH140——Motor power:45KW Motor speed:1500

SH160——Motor power:75/132KW Motor speed:1500

SH170——Motor power:160KW Motor speed:1500

Jaw coupling:(10sets)

CR2035——Motor power:7.5KW Motor speed:1500

CR3545——Motor power:15KW Motor speed:1500

CR4560——Motor power:30/37KW Motor speed:1500


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