KUDOSWORLD Hydrodynamic Coupling——To be a better transmission replacement

Time:2021-07-30 05:52:13 Writer:admin
To provide customers with high quality, traditional transmission replacement solutions

Because the belt conveyor of shenhua Group needs to deal with gangue in coal frequently, the motor needs to start and stop frequently in working conditions. The soft start effect of the original coupling is poor, resulting in multiple motor burns, and the shaft of the reducer has been broken. In the transformation process of this project, we recommend the limited moment hydrodynamic coupling with enlarged delay chamber. The soft start function, slowly start the belt conveyor, to avoid the motor due to frequent start and stop caused by motor and related components damage. And the Torque Limited hydrodynamic coupling can adapt to the strong impact, load, instantaneous large load and other overload conditions, ease the impact damage to the motor.  Ensure smooth production operation under bad working conditions and create more value for enterprises.  
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