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Brand Introduction——“Scheatlerr” was founded in 2021. It is an electrical equipment brand independently operated by Shenyang Huachuang Shengfa Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as Huachuang Shengfa) Under Kudosworldgroup.

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Product details

Kudosworldgroup has three business modules: electrical equipment, mechanical transmission equipment and fluid control equipment. As the backbone of the group's electrical equipment module, it landed in China, mainly engaged in the production of transformer on load tap changer, independently developed products with sulfur hexafluoride on load tap changer as the core, and established Scheatlerr brand. The product line involves transformers of various voltage levels.

Adhering to the group's consistent concept of technological innovation, Huachuang Shengfa established an elite R & D team in the early stage of its establishment. At present, there are 68 engineers in the R & D center of the headquarters, including 12 senior engineers and 16 intermediate engineers in the R & D center of the electrical equipment department, who carry out real-time technical optimization and technical update of electrical equipment products, so as to lay a solid foundation for the technical leadership of products. In 2014, the headquarters introduced the advanced technology of German MR company. On this basis, the team devoted themselves to research, and finally successfully developed sulfur hexafluoride on load tap changer and won a number of invention patents. According to IEC 60214-1 type test and inspection standard of International Electrotechnical Commission, the test results are far better than the standard requirements. This has filled the scientific research gap in this field at home and even internationally. After the products were put on the market, they immediately made remarkable achievements in domestic and foreign markets.

Scheatlerr is favored by many international first-class transformer manufacturers. Our clients include SIEMENS CORPORATION,SPITZNAGEL GMBH,SGB-SMIT GROUP from Germany; SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC COMPANY from France,GE COMPANY,BLOCK USA, INC.,BRUCE ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT CORP. And PACIFIC TRANSFORMER CORP. from the USA.Strictly control the product quality, regularly check the production equipment and concentrate on technical research and development. In addition to achieving the ultimate quality management, it also integrates technological innovation into the blood of the enterprise, which is also the source of customers' trust in the quality of Scheatlerr products. 

Over the past few years, Huachuang Shengfa has won high praise from the industry and customers with professional scientific research technology, exquisite and excellent processing technology and meticulous and thoughtful service. As one of the core industries of the group, the electrical industry led by Huachuang Shengfa, goes hand in hand with mechanical transmission and fluid control, has become an indispensable force for the development of the group, has laid a solid foundation with the potential of three pillars, and has made extraordinary contributions to the group's foothold in the peak of the industrial field.

Sulphur hexafluoride on-load tap changer is a new type of on-load tap changer which uses sulphur hexafluoride gas as insulation medium and arc extinguishing medium. This on-load tap changer is a compound type with single resistance transition, the switch has a separate arc extinguishing chamber isolated from the transformer, using gas arc extinguishing, compact volume, can be core-pulling maintenance. 


Rated current 50-300A @10kV, 200-400A @35kV

Size & Type

QTS 50/10, 100/10, 200/10, 300/10

QTS 200/35, 300/35, 400/35


for 10kV & 35kV


Various transformers


Steel & Iron works, electricity, petroleum, chemistry, coal mining, metallurgy, water purification, construction materials, etc.

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