Global Group Company

Kudosworld is an industrial technology group with businesses all over the world. We provide a series of solutions, including advanced technology, manufacturing, products and precision services. Provide products and services for key markets such as new energy, oil and gas, mines, ports, steel, etc. We take Kudosworld (China) as the core of operation and management, rely on the technology of Kudosworld in Germany, and cooperate with global production bases for processing and manufacturing. Over the past decades, we have made contributions to the development and implementation of hundreds of projects where product quality, technological progressiveness and reliability are the prerequisites for success. From finding the best customer solution to complex project delivery, customer trust proves our experience, reliability and professionalism.

Complete product line

Kudosworld products include: Torque Limiting Hydrodynamic Coupling, Variable Speed Hydrodynamic Coupling, Permanent Magnet Coupling, Gear coupling, Grid coupling, Disc and diaphragm coupling, Wind Turbine Coupling, Universal Joint Shafts, Torque Limiting Safety Coupling, Various Flexible Couplings and Customized Couplings. Provide customers with complete and comprehensive industrial transmission solutions.

Clear structures and responsibilities