Shenyang KUDOSWORLD technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (“KUDOSWORLD Group” hereinafter) is a group company uniting an overseas research & development company, two overseas sales companies and five domestic and aboard factories. KUDOSWORLD Group is a customer-oriented corporation specializing in the research & development, professional design and service of industrial power transmission products. The main products are: torque limiting & variable speed fluid couplings, speed increasing gear variable speed fluid coupling, various couplings such as gear coupling, grid coupling, disc coupling and universal joints, industrial variable-frequency drives, brakes, valves, etc. KUDOSWORLD provides its customers with full and comprehensive integrated power transmission solutions. 
KUDOSWORLD Group is located in Shenyang, with more than 30 managerial personnel in its employ, who are mainly responsible for the market exploration, sales and project management. The subsidiaries are respectively in Germany, Singapore, Viet Nam, South Korea, India, Shanghai, etc., with over 1200 employees working on technical support and production supply. The German subsidiary is mainly responsible for technical research & development, quality management & control, which has established a solid technology base for the Group, meeting standards and requirements of various industries. In the past a dozen years, KUDOSWORLD has been growing from a sales company to owning an independent brand and a whole series of products, established several subsidiaries abroad, rapidly covered the global market from one region to the whole world.
With the Shenyang company being the center of operation and management, the German subsidiary as the technical support, and integrating global manufacture capabilities, KUDOSWORLD has become a company of international corporation proportions.KUDOSWORLD Group, with its best production quality, excellent design capabilities, people-oriented corporate cohesion, comprehensive quality management and post-sales services systems, started solidly from meeting customers’ needs, and aims to finally become a first-class international company. We KUDOSWORLD, have never given up on progressing and endeavoring.