KUDOSWORLD participation in the Asia 2020 International Powertrain and Control Technology Exhibition (PTC20)

Time:2020-11-10 03:12:28 Writer:admin
KUDOSWORLD's elite sales team travelled to Shanghai recently to participate as an exhibitor at the four-day 2020 International Powertrain and Control Technology Asia exhibition (PTC20).
Nowadays, exhibitions are no longer simply a place to display, sell and buy products. Modern exhibitions have rapidly developed into a platform for enterprises to communicate and obtain information. Participating in the exhibition also becomes an important part of the company's market expansion work, and this is an excellent opportunity to promote and publicize the company's products and show the comprehensive strength of the company. At the same time, as a technology-leading enterprise, through the research and investigation during the exhibition, we understand and grasp the latest trend of the industry, accurately and quickly capture the domestic industrial power drive customer demand. In the following days, our company will stimulate the service consciousness of the team, adjust the product, and strive to provide customers with better products and services of higher specifications, so as to provide the basis for the enterprise to make the next stage of development strategy.
In the exhibition, a large number of professionals from the field of industrial power transmission from home and abroad came to our booth, actively interacted with our staff, discussed and exchanged the related technical knowledge about our products, and many counterpart enterprises offered olive branches one after another, actively established communication channels with our company, and made a seamless match, laying a solid foundation for subsequent cooperation.

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