Boiler feed pump Variable-frequency Drive transformation project

Time:2021-10-22 08:07:15 Writer:admin
Recently, Guoshen Group Yili power plant boiler feed pump Variable-frequency Drive transformation project has been Successfully implemented and put into operation. This project added a classic for the comprehensive application of high power boiler feed pump. 
KUDOSWORLD SBH series special high voltage inverter for feed pump is adopted in the project. from installation to commissioning and put into operation, all one-time success, to ensure the smooth starting of the unit. The energy saving effect has reached more than 20%, realizing the comprehensive index requirement of reducing the power plant unit power consumption rate by 0.5%, which has been highly recognized by the power plant users!  
The power plant was built in 2006, located in Yili Chemical Industrial Park, Dalat Banner, Inner Mongolia, and was the largest coal gangue power plant with the largest total installed capacity in China at that time. The boiler is the first 200MW class circulating fluidized bed boiler without external bed, which has independent intellectual property rights in China. It is also the first 200MW class two cylinder double row pure condensing direct air cooled steam turbine in China.  
As the core industry of global electric power, KUDOSWORLD has been serving and exploring thermal power generation for many years, and has rich experience in the comprehensive application and transformation of feed pumps, which has been unanimously recognized by the industry. In the future, we will continue to provide better energy saving solutions and products and services for the thermal power industry, and make greater contributions to global energy saving and consumption reduction.
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