Universal Joint

A power transfer unit used when the driving axle is relatively far from the driven axle when the two axles are not in a line or when the driven object is variable. Power can be transferred even if two axles are not in line or when the angle of the

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A power transfer unit used when the driving axle is relatively far from the driven axle, when the two axles are not in a line or when the driven object is variable. 
Power can be transferred even if two axles are not in line or when the angle of the driven object is changeable.


Maximum torque 0~1,170kNm

Size & Type

Flange diameter 58~550mm


Cross bearing


Ironmaking machines, Rolling mill plants, Calender drives, Paper machines, Special vehicles, Railway vehicles, Marine drives, Pump drives, 
General machinery construction plants


Steel & Iron works, electricity, petroleum, chemistry, coal mining, metallurgy, water purification, construction materials, etc.

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