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technical services
Kudosworld is committed to providing customers with the best quality and comprehensive services. Not only pay attention to customer needs, but also share value with customers, and grow together with customers.
1. Provide per-sales service, professional technical team can provide services such as product selection, technical question answering, special working condition program design and on-site surveying and mapping.
2.After delivery, the professional after-sales team will provide technical services such as equipment installation, commissioning, daily maintenance guidelines.
3. We will pay regular visits to customers and maintain close and real-time communication with customers in order to feedback any issues arises and provide prompt remedy.
4. 24-hour service to ensure customers can contact us at any time, respond quickly when receiving service requirements.
In the entire product sales process, including per-sales support and after-sales service, we always take the life cycle service of improving service efficiency, improving service levels, and reducing maintenance costs as the guidance to create a new era of services.
The professional after-sales service team, advanced service awareness, and expert service level run through the entire process of product design, selection, sales, and use.
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